If you’re an avid reader of any blog, then you’ll know that ‘Monthly Favourites’ posts and videos are a content creator’s must. The concept is arguably becoming a little stale, so thought I’d switch things up and try something new (for me, at least); every month or so, I’m going to post about the things I’ve been loving and hating, be it beauty, food or well, just about anything!

Think of it like one of those thermometers you used to get in trashy gossip magazines, that told you what was ‘Hot or Not’ (except better, naturally.)


Iceland. (That’s the country, not the food retailer; I’m not in the market for a prawn ring right now.) Myself and my husband, Ashley, are planning a break to Iceland this Summer, for our joint 30th birthday celebrations. It’s totally different to anything we’d normally do. I’m normally a sun-worshipper and could happily spend the entire holiday poolside, without leaving the hotel resort. I’m not a fan of the cold either. However, this trip? I can’t wait! It’ll be lovely to have a few nights sans child and also explore a landscape like I’ve never seen before.

Spring candles. I love a Christmas scent as much as the next person, but candles are not just for winter. In fact, my all-time favourite scent is ‘Clean Cotton.’ I can’t get enough of that fresh, clean washing smell! I’m a big fan of these candle jars from Tesco. They pack a punch and at just £3.50, these medium sized jars are a bargain! As we move closer to springtime, I’m burning the pink ‘Peony Bloom’ one above. It is love.

Blogs. There’s been a YouTube revolution over the last few years, so naturally blogging fell on the back-burner. It seems a lot of content creators have made a new years resolution to write more though and I’m loving seeing posts from my faves again.


Winter. I’m over the short, dark days and bitterly cold mornings now. The time it takes to get myself and B out of the door on a school morning is ever-increasing. It takes much longer than you think to wrap up in your winter woollies and defrost the car!

Oily skin. I’m sure I’ll be thankful for my overly-hydrated skin when I’m older and wrinkle free (although I see you, fine lines!) but for now the oil that is produced throughout my working day is the bane of my life. Going from the bitterly cold outside, into an office with central-heating is playing havoc!

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