AimeeMarie.com was founded in 2005, by Aimee; a small business owner, wife and mum-of-boys from South London, who has a penchant for handbags, photography and biscuits dunked in a milky brew.

Hello! I’m Aimee and I live in South London with my husband, Ashley and our two boys. Our eldest— let’s call him Big B— was born in Spring 2012, loves playing on games consoles, thrashing around pretending to be a Pokemon and watching WWE with his dad. Our newest addition, Little B, was born in Autumn 2018 and loves to be held up high, The Wheels On The Bus and regularly tries to eat his own hands.

I’m very much a homebody and love pottering about at home, creating a nest for our little family. Most days, I’d choose a meal at a lovely restaurant with our friends or a night on the sofa with my husband and a great film (and a tub of Ben and Jerry’s, naturally) over a night out out. I’m also partial to sparkly things, sunny beach holidays and baking (and then devouring shortly after!)

I’ve always been a creative person whether through writing, photography or design, so when I was made redundant in 2018, I launched Designed by Aimee Marie, where I design and sell prints and greetings cards (when I’m not knee deep in nappies or helping with homework!) I’d love you to take a look.

I was a photography student when I first purchased AimeeMarie.com back in 2005 and so it began life as my portfolio, before I started using it to write a few years later, just like I had in the years before on other websites and online communities.

AimeeMarie.com is now an all-encompassing parenting and lifestyle blog. It’s evolved into a concoction of all the things I love, see and do; one day I could be writing about the perils of pregnancy or balancing time between two children; sharing photos from our adventures or days out; or discussing just about anything that I have an opinion on, or that sparks a thought.

You might wonder where all my posts have gone if I’ve been blogging for so many years. Well, once upon a time, I was a perfectionist and with the gaps in between posts, decided to start afresh a few times over the years and make old posts private; these days though, I embrace the gaps, as they are just a reflection of my life as a busy mum to two boys!