So, it’s finally 2021… Happy New Year, I guess?!

I’ve seen 2020 summarised in so many ways, however, the long and short of it would seem, you either suffered a loss in some way, you coasted through it reasonably unaffected or if you were very lucky, you were able to spin the year on its head and absolutely thrived. Apparently, there’s nothing quite like a worldwide pandemic to unite people and yet divide them, at the same time!

When you see accomplishments from those surrounding you both online and offline over the last nine months, it’d be easy to put pressure on yourself to do the same. That’s why I love the message that I’ve seen from so many; that it’s okay if you didn’t start a new small business in the last year or learnt a new language during lockdown or had the most productive self-isolation period ever. 2020 was absolutely about getting through it day-by-day. That’s something we can all probably take from 2020; we don’t always have to be striving for bigger, better and more. It’s okay to slow down. You can be happy with what you have already and enjoy your life.

Despite the perhaps sombre tone of this post, I’m actually okay at the moment. We are muddling through; I think the thing that rattles my cage is not knowing what’s changing from week-to-week and then the changes that have to happen almost immediately. I like details, organisation and timelines!


Whilst I’m quite glad to see the back of 2020, it does feel like same shit, different year, doesn’t it? Nothing has truly changed as yet and the goalposts, tiers, advice and guidelines are forever changing thanks to our dithering leadership in the UK. In fact, as I write this, it’s been announced that our Prime Minister will be making an announcement this evening. My bet is on another full national lockdown; something that the vast majority of the public, scientists and other leaders have been calling for, for weeks. Politics isn’t something I’d usually discuss online, however given the epic u-turns and failures we’ve been dealt, it’s hard to ignore!

I normally find the beginning of a new year quite cleansing and a chance to reflect and set goals for the coming 12 months. That doesn’t feel like it’s going to work this year though, does it? If the last 9 or 10 months are anything to go by, this year, or at least the first half, is likely to be much of the same unpredictability. I’m not sure what I want to achieve, let alone what’s actually possible! I’d like to continue concentrating on looking after myself and loving my family. Enjoy time on my creative projects. I’ll also be working from home, homeschooling and looking after a toddler with a devilish streak for an unknown length of time, so I’d like to manifest getting through this period with as little arguments, stress and upset as possible. And also a vaccine in my arm at some point, please and thank you. Here’s hoping!

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