When I was a teenager, I discovered Livejournal.com. Anyone else? There was a whole community of like-minded people, writing about our teenage angst and spots and boys. A lot of us moved to host our own websites and blogs at places like GeoCities (RIP), before moving to our own domains (or being hosted on a friends domain. Remember that?) And whether the graphics were bold and beautiful or dark and grungy; you had the freedom over the design of your little space on the internet.

And I think that’s where my love affair with graphic design began. I loved writing and blogging, but I don’t think I realised at the time, that more than that, I loved making it look awesome. I taught myself HTML and my sister had Paint Shop Pro, which I loved playing about with and making so many images for my blog. I changed my layout more often than I changed my knickers.

Ok, that might be an exaggeration, but it was a lot.

Things haven’t changed in recent years either; I’ve always been a visually creative person; photography and photo-editing is my jam, but there’s something special about graphic design and creating an image from scratch.

So last year, when I was made redundant while pregnant, I started thinking about what I could do from home; photography is great, but it can involve a lot of travel, which isn’t always easy when you’re pregnant and have a child and school runs to think about too.

And that’s when it came to me. Graphic design. Why don’t I start designing prints and cards? Up until that point, I’d only ever designed things for me, but I loved the idea of designing things for others too, that they might want to buy! And so, Designed by Aimee Marie was born.

The last year hasn’t been as easy as I thought; who knew morning sickness and the newborn haze could wipe out entire weeks?! But I’ve enjoyed making prints and cards in between nappy changes, feeding and the school run.

Alice recently did a business webinar which has spurred me on to revive my blog (which I’ve been wanting to do for months now, but new-mum-life got in the way) and has also made me realise my business doesn’t have to be a little side-hustle and it’s okay to shout about it from the rooftops! One of the first prints I made stated “Never Forget Why You Started” and so I think it’s time to remind myself of that too.

You can shop my cards and prints at Etsy via designedbyaimeemarie.com!

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