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I’m not usually one for ‘trends’ when it comes to fashion, to be honest. I use them to highlight certain things I might like, rather than dictate the entire contents of my wardrobe! That’s not to say I haven’t indulged in the recent trends of spikes & studs, ombre hair or nail art; I totally have. However, if the fashion gods that be suddenly broadcast that those things are ‘out’, I’ll be rockin’ ’em for as long as I still like them.

Monochrome, is the latest trend that seems to be creeping into Spring / Summer 2013 and is something I can definitely get behind, despite black and white not really screaming ‘summer’ to me; I’m usually a big fan of colour, but a nice black & white background can really (dare I say it) make colours ‘pop’! It can suit a variety of shapes, sizes & ages and with it’s clean lines, it’s pretty timeless.

Shops make it pretty easy to shop certain trends and it’s even easier online! have some lovely key pieces at the moment, at great prices. Here are some of my favs:

Do you follow fashion ‘trends’?

Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored. I genuinely like and these clothes! Although did contact me and asked if I’d like to write a 2013 trend guide. For free! Or, they’d even write the content for me! For free! Imagine that; a brand not paying for my time and/or space. Pah.
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