New Years Resolutions and Winter Sun

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Okay, so I realise it’s the 13th, but really— can you believe we’re already thirteen days into 2014? Perhaps it’s because my decorations came down a few days before NYE, but Christmas feels like it was such a long time ago now. We’ve been treated to a little bit of Winter sun (in between those horrific downpours) in recent days, but it just feels like such a tease. I’m over this miserable weather and totally ready for Summer now!

For someone who usually breaks her New Year’s Resolutions by the end of the first day of the year, the fact that I’m still even thinking about them, is a revelation! I’ve taken a photo every single day, made more of an effort to see friends and get about and do things and I’ve certainly been eating a lot better too. That last one is a BIG thing for me. My meals weren’t usually particularly unhealthy, but they certainly weren’t full of nutrition either and I’m big on snacks! I just can’t resist a bit of chocolate. Well, in truth, a lot of chocolate. And biscuits. Oh, biscuits. There’s three things that have motivated me to change my relationship with food and have made it easier: my summer holiday this year; my work BFF & husband eating healthily too; My Fitness Pal. I certainly won’t be calorie counting forever, but using MFP has been a great eye opener into how much I was consuming before! And it really is true what they say about it being easier if you’re not doing it alone. I’m less tempted to pay the vending machine a visit at work, if no one else is. Sunday is my day ‘off’ so yesterday we went for a big lamb roast at my mum and dad’s. So tasty!

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    Happy New Year!

    Look at all that lovely blonde hair on Byron – what a beauty! x

    January 13, 2014 at 10:22 am
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