It’s January, so naturally, I’ve been resetting and getting organised for the year ahead; it’s one of my favourite things to do and always starts with a list. One of the many things I’ve been putting off doing for a long time is going through my archived posts on here; I’ve owned this website since 2005 and it’s grown from being my photography portfolio when I was a student, into a parenting and lifestyle blog, along with a couple of fresh starts on the way. Each time I reincarnated my blog, I made all of my previous posts private and they’ve just been sitting there, doing nothing, gathering digital dust and taking up valuable space.

The vast majority are just not my writing style anymore or simply nothing of note. I did, however, stumble across a handful of posts about Byron and the things he could do or enjoyed at certain milestones over the first five years of his life. I never kept a pregnancy or baby journal, so I really enjoyed reading back on his early years and remembering all the funny little things he used to say and do! And while comparison is the thief of all joy, I couldn’t help but look back and see the similarities between my two boys.

It’s made me realise that unless it’s written down, you tend to forget about these things, so I thought I’d document them now and again on here for Bailey too, to look back on in years to come!

He loves: pretending to blow his nose; bananas; trying to feed himself (should the mood strike!); the red ball at Nanny and Granpa’s house; making the “ooh!” sound at things he likes; stacking cups; dancing and wiggling his hips side to side; ‘Believer’ by Imagine Dragons; ‘Story of My Life’ by Michael Holiday; babbling; any and all technology; trying to say “Alexa”; swiping my glasses off my face; touching people’s teeth; ringing the doorbell; Mr Tumble and the Teletubbies; tidying his toys and putting spilt food back in his bowl; biting people if they are in his personal space; ruffling his brothers hair; crawling at the speed of light; calling for ‘Errol!’

He doesn’t like: the castle button on his brothers old Thomas the Tank Engine book and the noise that comes with it; not being able to see in the bowl if he’s being fed by someone else; having his teeth brushed; being told “nahhh” when he’s doing something he shouldn’t.

He’s learnt to: climb the stairs; walk (well, a few steps here and there!); stand up by himself; say Mumma, Dadda, Errol and ball; try to say “what’s that?” and ‘who’s that?”; point to his teeth, nose and his toes when asked; play peepo; give kisses (if he’s in the mood!) and cuddle his toys; clap; cock his head to the side and be cute on demand; recognise his Dad’s key in the door!

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