Oh, hi!

I’m Aimee, I’m 30 and I live in South London. That sounds like I’m introducing myself on Blind Date, doesn’t it? Luckily, I don’t need TV bosses to work their magic, as I’ve got myself a lovely little family already, in the shape of my husband, Ashley and our six-year-old son, B— he loves Star Wars and pretending to be a train driver, is trying his very best to wear me down to get a pet Husky and has a bizarre obsession with watching ‘Gummy vs. Real’ videos on YouTube.  What a guy. We’re also thrilled to be expanding our family with baby number two, due September 2018!

And then there’s me! I’m creative and very much a homebody, with a penchant for handbags, cosmetics and biscuits. Seriously, can we talk about biscuits for a second? A Bourbon or a Milk Chocolate Hobnob may very well be the way to my heart, especially if it’s accompanied by a sweet, milky brew to dunk it in.  Delicious.

I’d choose a night in with a great film and tub of Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food over a night out out; sweet over savoury; high-street over high-end; and Summer over Winter. I’m partial to photography, graphic design, glitter (and just about anything that sparkles, to be honest), romcoms, sunny beach holidays and baking!

I create wall art and greetings cards at Designed by Aimee Marie, when I’m not asking B to put his shoes on ready for school 289 times before it’s done, or to eat his breakfast, for what feels like the millionth time.

AimeeMarie.com was founded way (way) back in 2005, as a place for me to house my photography portfolio. Over the years, it’s grown with me, as I combined it with the blog I’d had on other platforms, to become the family & lifestyle blog you see in front of you today. It’s evolved into a concoction of all the things I love, see, do and think about; one day I’m ranting about the pressure to have a second child, then the next I’m sharing photos from a mummy date or writing about my favourite things!

I hope you’ll stick around and say hi!

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