Oh, hi! I’m Aimee, welcome to my blog.

Hello! I’m Aimee, I’m 29 30 & I live in South London. That sounds like I’m introducing myself on Blind Date, doesn’t it? Luckily, I don’t need TV bosses to work their magic, as I’ve got myself a lovely little family already: my husband, Ashley— a death metal vocalist who lives for music and loves a new business venture; and our son, B— a five-year-old who loves Star Wars, cars and Power Rangers, and has a bizarre obsession with watching Surprise Egg videos and trains on YouTube.

And then there’s me! I’m creative, perhaps a bit geeky and very much a homebody, with a penchant for handbags, cosmetics and biscuits. (Seriously— a Bourbon or a Milk Chocolate Hobnob may very well be the way to my heart, especially if it’s accompanied by a sweet, milky brew to dunk it in.) I’d choose a night in with a great film and a bowl of hot, fresh popcorn over a night out out; sweet over savoury; and Summer over Winter.

AimeeMarie.com was founded way (way) back in 2005, as a place for me to house my photography portfolio. Over the years, it’s grown with me, as I combined it with the blog I’d had on other platforms, to become the family & lifestyle blog you see in front of you today. It’s evolved into a concoction of all the things I love, see, do and think about; one day I’m ranting about the pressure to have a second child, then the next I’m sharing photos from a mummy date or writing about my favourite things!

At the beginning of 2017, after an unexpected and extended hiatus, I decided to start afresh and make all of my older posts private and relaunched AimeeMarie.com.

I hope you’ll stick around and say hi!