Goodbye 2012… Hello 2013!

It feels like only yesterday I was saying goodbye to 2011! Time feels like it goes quicker when you get older as it is, but this year has whizzed by particularly fast, having had a baby and nine months out of work. I hope 2013 slows down a little!

January 2012
Spent time preparing for Byron by buying lots of clothes and making lists.
Baby bump grew tenfold.
Slept. A lot.
Had my hair cut off, so it didn’t get covered in baby vom.
Started another 101 in 1001 project.

February 2012

Swelled to the size of a small house.
Had my last day at work.
Received lots of lovely gifts at my baby shower!
Got a bit obsessed with painting my nails, while waiting to go into labour.
Baby did not turn up on time, despite making and eating a curry that was hotter than the sun.

March 2012

Gave birth almost two weeks after my due date!
Stared at that little face 24/7 and was very sleep deprived!

April 2012

Had my first night out with my husband, since giving birth AND ate a rare steak for the first time since falling pregnant. Definitely a momentous occasion!
Nappies. Burping. Milk. Cuddles. Repeat!
Saw a little smile on B’s face.

May 2012
Celebrated our first wedding anniversary. Insane!
Went to a fancy dress party dressed as Where’s Wally.
Heard a little giggle from little man for the first time!
Discovered an amazing park and went for lots of walks (when it wasn’t raining!)

June 2012
Happy Birthday to me!
Had an epic massage at Dove Spa.
Celebrated my goddaughter’s first birthday.

July 2012

Went on our first little family holiday, to Cornwall.
Started weaning!
Byron cut his first tooth.
Saw the Olympic Torch.

August 2012

Went to my first event in ages!
Made jam for the first time.

September 2012
B moved into his own room.
Celebrated his half birthday!
Went to my fav seaside town, Brighton, for an epic lunch date with my husband. Mmm, pulled pork.
Learnt that the one thing Byron is scared of, is yodeling.

October 2012
Discovered a new place for afternoon walks with B, with a massive lake.
Started photographing for free!
Got addicted to Galaxy hot chocolate.

November 2012

Went back to work!
Dip dye / ombre’d my hair.
Ate one too many Mcdonalds.
We all got ill and had a little hospital scare with Byron.
Did a little YouTube vid.

December 2012

Our first Christmas as a family!

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  • Reply Nicola

    Aw I love this post! Hectic year for you lady!!!
    Wish I had done something like this, maybe next year!

    January 15, 2013 at 5:03 pm
  • Reply Aimee Marie

    Yes, it was a bit busy— it went SO quick, but I’m starting to think that’s just adult life!

    January 15, 2013 at 7:43 pm
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