The cold and crisp weather in the winter months always makes me think back to our trip to Iceland; it really is like nowhere else I’ve ever been and I’d love to go back, with the boys in tow too. I was looking back through my posts about Iceland and realised there was a bunch of photos I never shared of us exploring Reykjavik, so I thought I’d post them now, over two and a half years later, even if it’s for nothing but the memories!


Hallgrimskirkja was on my list of places to go because it looked stunning in photos and it didn’t disappoint!  I’ve never seen architecture like it and the decor inside was beautiful too.  It was just so simple.

Admission to the church is free, but for a small fee, you can go up the tower and admire the views over Reykjavik.  We had to wait a while for our turn, but it was totally worth it.  Look at all those colourful rooftops!

Reykjavik Art Museum

We love an art gallery, so an hour or two inside the Reykjavik Art Museum was a must for us! They rotate their exhibitions every few months and feature art from famous contemporary Icelandic artists, as well internationally renowned creatives too.

Kolaportið Flea Market

I don’t know why I love walking around markets and other places like this; perhaps it’s because it’s just a treasure trove of trinkets and I hope to find a hidden gem. I rarely actually buy anything, but I think it’s just a feast for my eyes as there’s so much going on and so many weird and wonderful things to be found!

Sun Voyager Sculpture

The Sun Voyager sculpture was made as a celebration of the 200th birthday of Reykjavik in 1990.

Dead Gallery

When exploring Reykjavik, we stumbled upon the Dead Gallery down a little sideway/alley off of Laugavegur, the main shopping street in Reykjavik. That sounds dodgy and honestly, at the time, it felt it too— it wasn’t totally clear if we were allowed to go inside or what we were wandering into, but as it turns out, it was an artists studio and gallery. I loved it. Not just the actual appearance of the art or any of the pieces in there, but because he has his own style and a cohesive body of work; you’d be able to spot it among other artwork and I think that’s a really hard thing to do! I just love that he appeared to be living and breathing his passion. You can read more about the concept here.

Street Art

Reykjavik is so effortlessly cool, bright and wonderful and sprinkled with lots of amazing street art.

I’d love to go back in the next few years and see how much the town has changed!

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