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    Growing Older and Being Rebellious

    Most of us had a rebellious stage in our teens. It’s part and parcel of growing older.  Mine involved some underage drinking, house parties (always in someone else’s house, never my own!) and getting my tongue pierced, much to my Dad’s horror.  In comparison to some of the things my…

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  • InFamily & Parenthood, Life

    Mummy Dates and The Work/Life Balance Saga

    In September last year, B started school and a week later, I went back to working full-time. At the end of a busy week of school runs and learning to read, the weekend is very much welcomed for us both! It’s refreshing to spend time together that doesn’t involve a…

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    2017: A New Beginning

    I’m that person who loves a fresh start, so I’m all over new beginnings like a rash. I’m a walking cliche; whether it’s a new page in a notebook, a new diary or even a new week there’s something so refreshing about it. Ordinarily, I’m a creature of habit and…

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