A Country Bumpkin

The ever-so-lovely people at Joules got in contact with me weeks ago, as they wanted to send me something. After much deliberation (“ooh pink wellies! ooh pretty bed covers! ooh baby stuff!”) I settled on the Moredale Quilted Jacket in ‘evergreen’*. I was still amidst my Eternal Struggle™ (dramatic, much?) for the perfect winter coat and it seemed like the perfect solution! I started using it right away (I don’t do half-arsed reviews, innit) and planned on taking an outfit photo later, but since then, I’ve misplaced my tripod, spent my time looking after my ill husband / myself / son, the clocks have changed and things around here are dark. Dark dark dark. And short, dull days mean no time for outfit photos, in this house— booo!

How pretty is this floral lining?!

I love these little details
A little fox for all you fox-lovers!
Big roomy pockets!

And finally, an iPhone snap of me in my new jacket, just ‘cos:
Imagine. Two of me. Whoah.

Joules isn’t a brand I was particularly familiar with previously, but I’ve since learnt that it’s the child of Tom Joule— a man who followed in his dad’s footsteps and started to sell clothing to country people at equestrian events, over 30 years ago. He saw that country folk were colourful, but it wasn’t reflected in their clothing, so he went ahead and made bright pink wellies and Joules are still passionate about colour, detail and prints to this day.

And I must say, I feel like a right country bumpkin in this jacket! All I need are some new wellies, a dog to walk and a trip to the local country park. I love that it’s lightweight (not too thick and heavy for car journeys or battling with a baby) but it’s still really warm and allows for more layers underneath. It has a lovely bright lining and zip, a nice collar that’ll allow for a scarf to sit comfortably when it gets colder and big roomy pockets that are big enough for my phone, cards and keys (and a muslin for mopping up snot / milk / dribble on-the-go) meaning I don’t have to take a bag if I’ve got Byron in the pushchair. Always a plus! There really isn’t anything bad to say about this coat. It comes in an array of colours and there’s even the Marcotte which is very similar but with a hood!

The Moredale Quilted Jacket is available from Joules for £89.95.

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    I have some joules wellies and I love them! How cute are the foxes too?

    November 14, 2012 at 9:15 pm
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