Life Photography

Project 365 • Days 4 – 13

004 // We’ve had a struggle getting him in the trolley recently, so today was a bit of a result!

005 // Today, my husband declared that I make the best eggs. I guess that’s me doing Sunday breakfast from now on then!

006 // 20 minutes before we have visitors wasn’t the best time to have a nap.

007 // My dad dug out this old Tomy Police car from when I was kid, from the loft!

008 // Getting organised!

009 // Daddy came home early from work, so Byron treated us to a tea party, complete with a toolbox and a donkey.

010 // The best.

011 // An oldie but a goodie! Soz about the face.

012 // Since getting a tent for Christmas from his Aunty, Byron is turning anything / everything into one!

013 // He’s had a sleepless night and a temperature, so if filling the gaps where his books should be with Maltesers is going to make him feel better, then that’s what we’ll do!

I’m carrying my camera around with me and taking a photo a day, every day for 2014! Nothing professional or heavily edited— just a document of my life. You can catch-up with it here on my blog, or here on Flickr!

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