30. November 2013

On Tattoos & Being Indecisive

I really am probably one of the most indecisive people ever. It’s any wonder that I’m married— In fact, my husband’s probably the only thing I’m certain about! Awww. Mushy. I change my mind frequently about so many things: my hair style; my hair colour; the decor of our home; my handbag; my purse; what diary I want to use… the list goes on and on, and includes just about anything and everything!

I think that’s why I don’t have and probably won’t ever get, a tattoo. I love them, but I’m too sensible to permanently mark my body, because give it five years and I’ll probably regret it! Even though you can get tattoos removed at clinics such as Epilight in Liverpool, I prefer the look of half or full sleeves, rather than two or three unrelated tattoos on the arm for example and I’m not sure I could sit through having my whole arm lasered!

I know a lot of people sit in the ‘your tattoo must have thought and meaning behind it’ camp, but I think it’s a personal choice and if you want something because you like the way it looks, go for it! If you want your child’s name, do it. If you want your favourite quote on your back, book that appointment! Even though I’m without one, it still annoys me when people are made to justify them, usually to complete strangers.

Despite living in a culture that is more accepting of body art now, there is sadly still some stigma attached to them and it’s usually evident in comments made by people of an older generation. For example, having your arms covered in tattoos is apparently some kind of attribute to your attitude and behaviour and it’s generally assumed that you would be involved in anti-social behaviour or crime. Well, my husband has a leg sleeve and 90% of our friends have a limb or two covered in tattoos and not one of them is a thug!

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30. November 2013 by Aimee Marie
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  • At 2013.12.02 01:03, Ayden said:

    I get a lot of ‘so what does this tattoo symbolise, and what does that tattoo symbolise’. And it really gets to me because its such a personal question. But when it comes to most of my tattoos, I got it because I bloody wanted it! Haha x

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