15. September 2013

5 Good Things This Week • #001

From my first time in Florida in 2005!

Dreaming of Florida // We’re on the cusp of booking the flights for our holiday to Florida next year and I’m so excited— because it’s a holiday, because it’s the USA (and I bloody love that place!) and because it’s Byron’s first time abroad. I can’t wait to take him to Magic Kingdom!

Danish pastries // More specifically, vanilla crown danishes. Oh god.

Photoshoots // I have a few photoshoots in the pipeline with couples and families, and I can’t wait! If you’d be interested in a free photoshoot, please email me at foto@aimeemarie.com.

Coalface from Lush // My skin has never been blemish-free, but I’ve broken out even more recently, despite not using anything different. Coalface always seems to clear my skin up and I love the way it makes my face feel squeaky-clean, without being dry. Amazing product!

Having “huggles” // Byron knows exactly how to wrap me around his little finger and I can’t resist him when he throws his arms up in the air and asks, “huggle?” aka cuddle! It’s adorable, if not sneaky, as he usually asks when he’s in his playpen or cot and as soon as I pick him up he wriggles and says, “walk!”

15. September 2013 by Aimee Marie
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  1. Eeep- so exciting about Florida! We’ve booked to go again next year in May. Have a countdown on my phone- SO EXCITED. x

  2. One day we will go there, good luck you guys! :)

  3. Ooh, that’s when we’re going too! And I also have a countdown on my phone, haha.
    Where are your fav places to shop? I’ve only been the once and my tastes have changed a lot since then. I’m also aware that my parents, aunt and uncle may not be into shopping in the same kind of places that I might be ;) xo

  4. We didn’t do loads of shopping last time but we did go to a new mall called Mall at Millenia- it is brilliant! All shiny and lovely with loads of new shops and all the usually. Also has a Cheesecake Factory so can’t go wrong! Definitely recommend a visit. May see you out there! :) x

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