Thursday 1st August 2013

Water Baby

Byron is so much like his dad in every way, that it was obvious he was always going to be a water baby too— because while you’ll usually find me worshipping the sun on holiday, Ashley can be found in the pool or having a swim in the sea. I loved swimming when I was younger (and I think swimming club was the only hobby I ever really stuck with!) but when there’s sunshine, I’d sooner lap that up! And truth be told, the sea scares me a bit. I hate the idea of not being able to see what’s under my feet (seaweed, fish, ah!) but I also didn’t fancy a swim in the lovely, beautiful, warm and clear Indian Ocean when we went to The Maldives either, because I could see what was around me! I can’t win. And I’m fine with that.

A cheap little £4.99 paddling pool has been the best thing we’ve bought Byron. Forget expensive walkers, developmental toys and trikes, this boy is more than happy sitting in some water with a load of balls and stacking cups!

We’ve been through so many different types of clothes for the pool already, since his first dip in the local swimming baths over a year ago— from tiny little trunks to all in ones and board shorts. I’m already thinking about what to pack for him for Florida next year! Zoggs has a great selection of children’s swimwear and I’m looking forward to investing in a few pieces, although I know in reality he’ll spend most of his time in just a t-shirt and nothing else! They even do fun kids swimming goggles too which we’ll have to buy, as well as armbands and a little rubber ring, so he can have a proper little dunk and jump in! Can you tell I’m excited? I’m looking forward to seeing his little face every morning, when he can just jump in the pool and do nothing else all day (although the tantrums when I take him out aren’t going to be fun!)

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