Tuesday 19th March 2013

Life Lately • #009

I have the same attitude towards Mother’s Day that I do towards Valentines Day— it’s nice to mark the occasion with a card or small gesture, but don’t spend your hard earned pennies on lavish gifts. It’s so unnecessary! Byron bought me (with the help of his dad and his wallet) a card with a heartfelt message inside, some cookies and a magazine. Perfect! Unfortunately I didn’t get the pleasure of a lie-in this year, as Mother’s Day coincided with Byron’s 1st Birthday Party, but I couldn’t imagine celebrating being a Mother in a better way (even if I did wake up at 5:30am, because I was thinking about all the things I had to do and remember!)

I can’t believe almost two weeks ago, I took Byron on a swing for the first time (which he loved) and then a week later on his birthday, it snowed. Snow. What? It’s meant to be spring! Grim weather around these parts generally means being stuck inside, but I’ve been using my time wisely and have been so productive. It. Feels. Good.

If you’re an avid reader of many blogs and you follow me via Google Reader, then you probably already know that as of July 1st, Google Reader is no more, which is a right pain in the ass! Fortunately, you can still catch up with me on Bloglovin’ (although there are other options too!) I’ve just started using Bloglovin’ since this news came out and I actually prefer it (so stick that in your pipe Google.)

The Happy List

being stuck behind an old style bus, going 15mph… wedding photography sunshine Byron saying “Dadda” to anything/everything my mum-in-laws chocolate fridge cake baking all day yellow tulips making Sephora wishlists Vine

The Blog List

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