Wednesday 23rd January 2013

Byron At 10 Months

I know I say it every time I do a Byron update— but I really can’t believe he’s so old already! I can remember his birth like it was yesterday. When I look back at him at 6 months old— and even 8 months— I realise just how much he’s changed; not just his appearance, but developmentally too. I find it hard to fathom that he’ll be a whole year old, in just a few months.

Obviously all babies develop at different rates, but with B getting his first teeth (and lots of them!) at a little over four months, rolling over at five months, sleeping through the night since seven weeks and holding his head up since around ten days, I think we thought we’d created the next Einstein. Or Sheldon Cooper.

So sitting here at a little over 10 months old, I think we both thought he’d be crawling by now— particularly when other people exclaim, “Oh, he’s not crawling yet?!”— they (inadvertently) make you worry. But he’s in no rush and we’re not rushing this little guy, either. They don’t stay babies for long, so I’m appreciating every little moment while I can! That’s not to say that he isn’t mobile though— if you tempt him with something, he will find a way to get it; rolling. He rolls everywhere and swivells on his tummy, so I honestly don’t know if he will crawl in the traditional way; he just has no need! He prefers to just rock backwards and forwards on his hands and knees, rather than go anywhere. Some babies crawl, some bum-shuffle and some roll. It seems ours is the latter!

With B sitting up so straight and strong now, it means he’s happy to play independently and entertain himself— something which I’m thankful for, when I’m trying to power through the house and tidy up! Within just a few days, he’s perfected the art of getting himself up to sitting in just a couple of seconds, so if and when he does crawl, I don’t think it’ll take him long to master it and move on to cruising the furniture and eventually, walking! Is it possible to get eyes implanted into the back of your head, yet?

He’s always smiling and his grandparents always tell me how he’s no trouble and always so happy, when they have him for the day. He’ll have a grumble now and again, but I get upset when I’m tired or hungry (or worse, both) too! He’s loving anything and everything in the kitchen cupboards (including my shopping list, half way around Sainsburys.) His latest love is fishfingers, mashed potato and peas. Basically, anything he can pick up, he’ll eat. Next step, giving him the spoon!

Byron’s become so observant. He copies me when I say, “mmm” when he’s eating and if I move my finger between his lips to make a noise, he knows to hum to make it work, and even tries to do it himself afterwards. It’s adorable! On the flipside, he notices when I leave the room and often has a little moan. Plonking him in front of the mirror soon cheers him up though! He’s keeping his beady-eye on how we strap him into his highchair and the car, which makes me think if he had the strength, he’d be gone! I think we’ve got a mischief-maker on our hands.

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