Friday 25th January 2013

101 Things That Make Me Smile • #081 – #101

081 | Meine schwester!
082 | Looking back through old photos.
083 | When Byron blows raspberries at me, when I’m telling him “no!”
084 | Watching Ashley playing with B.
085 | My mum’s banana cake.
086 | Days when my eyeliner goes just right.
087 | Getting my bake on in the kitchen.
088 | Luther Vandross!
089 | Fresh, crunchy snow.
090 | When you make it through every set of traffic lights on a long journey. Win? Win.
091 | Sunday roasts at the carvery.
092 | Car crash TV.
093 | Hand massages. Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it!
094 | Visitors!
095 | Well designed packaging.
096 | The strong smell of a new car freshener.
097 | Fried onions! Mmm.
098 | Finding money you didn’t even know you’d lost.
099 | Warm clothes straight off the radiator, when it’s cold outside.
100 | Perfect parallel parking on the first attempt!
101 | The smell of bread baking in the oven.

And that concludes my list of ‘101 Things That Make Me Smile’! Here’s part one, two, three & four. No doubt I’ve repeated myself once or twice, but it’s a nice list to look back on when I’m having a rubbish day. I hope a couple of things made you smile too— and if not, try writing your own list to work it’s magic when you’re feeling glum!

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