Saturday 5th January 2013

OOTD • #002

I know. Me. In an outfit. In a photo. Right here, on my blog. Yes, it’s a “What I Wore” post, finally! I’d avoided taking outfit photos for so long, because in fairness they take a considerable amount of prep time, not to mention the fact that some days it doesn’t even seem to get light— and I’m a natural light kinda gal. I’d forgotten just how hard it can be to take self portraits, so the above photos leave a lot to be desired! Still, practice makes perfect and hopefully I’ll find somewhere a little more suitable in the flat soon, too.

Studded Shoulder Top | New Look
Rings | New Look (and of course my engagement ring & wedding band!)
Necklace | Primark
Bracelets | New Look & Primark
Jeans | Uniqlo
Boots | New Look

New Look… New Look… Primark… New Look— a pattern you’ll see repeated several times in my wardrobe!

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