Thursday 10th January 2013

Lessons Learnt From Motherhood

I spent almost 25 years of my life plodding along, before I became a mum. And in that time, I thought I’d figured myself out and knew myself pretty well— often shy around new people; so laid-back I’m almost horizontal; have a weakness for biscuits. All the important stuff.

And then suddenly— quite literally over night— there’s a new little person who needs you more than anyone has ever needed you before and everything you knew about yourself is set to change.

In these 10 short months I’ve been a mother, I’ve learnt a lot:

  • To value ‘me’ time. In the early days— those tough, new-to-this, sleep-deprived and milky-sick covered early days!— there was rarely any ‘me’ time. Any time that wasn’t spend feeding, changing nappies or trying to get Byron to sleep, was spent catching up on sleep myself. These days, we’ve established a much better routine and while there still aren’t always enough hours in the day to do what I’d always like, I cherish those little moments a lot more— a bubble bath here, a coffee there. Even vacuuming becomes time out, because it doesn’t involve baby vom. (If you’re lucky.)
  • I can live well on very little money. I don’t like to dwell on the past too much, but I do often wonder how much money I could’ve saved when I was working full-time and just what I spent my money on! Children have a special way of piercing a hole in your bank account and draining it dry. Clothes certainly cost a lot when your baby is constantly growing, but we’ve found it’s more to do with our income almost being halved, that makes kids seem so expensive. We still manage to do lots as a family, without needing to spend a bomb. Motherhood definitely makes you value your money!

  • I bloody love a clean house. I used to be a typical teenager with a messy room, cosmetics strewn everywhere and my bed could go unmade for days! Much to my husband’s dismay, my floordrobe antics carried on into my early twenties; that was until I hit the nesting phase in pregnancy— and I still haven’t outgrown it! I make the bed as soon as we’re both up, I can’t stand fluff on the carpet, a messy bathroom or mess in general. That might sound normal to most people, but for me, it’s a revelation!
  • Poo is interesting. Apparently as soon as you have a child, their fecal matter can become a topic of conversation with other mums (and your own family) especially when you start weaning and play the game of spotting food that looks the same on the way out, as it did on the way in. (FYI: carrots; seeds; turkey.)
  • I can’t function without a list. I love a list. I’m surprised I haven’t made a list for all my lists. Can’t pack my suitcase without a list. Can’t send Christmas cards without a list. Can’t buy presents without a list. Can’t do the weekly shop without a list. My Filofax (an organised heaven) even has a specific area for daily to-do’s. I’ve become so obsessed with being organised!
  • There aren’t enough hours in the day. Being a parent certainly teaches you to prioritise things, as there’s not enough hours in the day for playtime, cuddles, feeding, making dinner, housework, blogging and the endless amount of clothes washing there (always) is to do! As much as I love a neat and tidy home, the dishes can wait when Byron wants to play peepo.

What has motherhood taught you? There’s still so much more to come! Ah!

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