Monday 19th November 2012

Establishing A Routine

I have little to no self-discipline. I like to think that I could be self-employed and work from home, but in reality, I would sit here dunking Bourbon biscuits into my cup of tea, all day long. (Bourbons are the biscuit of all biscuits, lets face it.) That’s basically what I’ve spent my maternity leave doing, in between pooey-bums, warming bottles and playtime.

It’s a glamourous life.

In my naivety, I thought things would change over night when I had a baby: I probably wouldn’t spend all day in my pyjamas if I wasn’t going out and I’d get up at a decent time and ‘seize the day'; except I have definitely spent more time in my pyjamas than is acceptable and yes, I do get up earlier, but 5:30am is in NO way a decent time (I’m looking at you, my son.)

Fast asleep. I’m pretty sure I didn’t leave you there, Mr.

Byron has completely established his own routine. We’ve never pushed his bedtime or naptime, he’s just decided these things for himself. We’ve been blessed that he has (touch wood!) slept through the night since he was seven weeks old. I can count on one hand the amount of times he’s woken up (pesky teeth!) and luckily, a quick cuddle and he’s settled again. I can still remember the time he went to bed at 11pm and we had the fright of our lives waking up at 4am, having not heard a whimper! These days, he’s a 8pm-6am kinda guy. Nine times out of ten, he’s back to sleep by 7:30am for around half an hour, in his beloved little rocker chair (aka. our saviour!) and more recently I’ve been putting him into his cot for an afternoon nap, as he kept nodding off at around the same time every day.

It’s life-changing! Seriously.

It gives me some ‘me’ time (even if I am still checking on him every 20 minutes or so!) which is precious, even if I do sometimes spend it doing housework— but it’s a breath of fresh air to be able to do the washing up or dust the shelves without creeping around in case I wake him!

Ah, it’s the simple things.

Having a good routine is bloody brilliant and I wish I’d done it sooner. It sounds obvious, but it makes such a difference getting up and dressed, and getting out of the house when I can and seizing the day! Tomorrow is my first day back at work since February and a welcome addition to my routine. It feels like returning to school after a particularly long summer break— my uniform is washed and ready, I have a new diary and even a new pencil case.

New stationery? Things just got serious.

One thought on “Establishing A Routine

  1. Well you are ridiculously lucky with your little man’s sleeping aren’t you?! I love his sleeping position of choice. Clearly he doesn’t have enough room ;)

    And yes, a little routine is what keeps me sane. And new stationery? Best thing ever.

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