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31 Reasons Why My Son Has A Tantrum

Because I won’t let him eat a crayon
Because I took him out of the bath
Because I’m eating and he’s not
Because I won’t let him drink his dad’s beer
Because Nana won’t let him use the washing machine
Because I’m a horrible mummy who won’t let him sit in the bin
Because I sat him in his playpen with all his favourite toys
Because I won’t let him pull his own hair out
Because I won’t let him pull my hair out
Because he threw his toy out of his own reach
Because he can’t use the vacuum
Because I clipped him in to his highchair
Because his lunch isn’t ready the very second he says “myum myum”
Because I told him off for licking his dad’s shoe
Because I wouldn’t let him use the laptop keyboard as a drum
Because I won’t let him sit in a dirty nappy
Because he’s fought sleep all day and now he’s so tired he’s verging on delirious
Because he’s not allowed to walk across gravel with no shoes on
Because I won’t let him touch the toilet lid
Because he’s finished eating
Because all the biscuits have gone
Because leaning on his highchair and using it as a walker doesn’t work
Because I took the batteries out of the TV remote, before he got his paws on it
Because I wiped his yoghurt-covered face
Because his dad walked past his room, without getting him out of his cot
Because he wants to walk in the opposite direction to the way we need to go
Because he’s in his buggy
Because he’s scared of plastic farm animals
Because he can’t have an iPhone
Because I covered him with kisses
Because he feels like it

I still love him though and wouldn’t change his stubborn little personality for anything! Children are wonderful things.

Byron, for the most part, is an angel. Cheeky? Yes. But still an angel. I obviously say that with some bias, but honestly I only ever hear good things from my parents or in-laws when they look after him while I’m at work. More recently, he’s become a bit impatient, especially when it comes to his independence— it’s a definite case of trying to run before he can walk! He wants to do everything and get’s frustrated when he can’t. Luckily the tantrums don’t last very long and he’s easily distracted by the next thing. This must be training for the terrible twos!

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