Can you believe we’re nearing a week into this brand spanking new year and decade already? 2020. It sounds like we should be holidaying on the moon by now. At school, it used to take me up to at least Easter, to write the correct year on my work, but I guess in this digital age that’s not so much of a worry is it?

I personally love a new year. Hello 2020! I know they’re not for everyone, but I see it as a fresh start. Can you imagine for a moment if the first day of the year had been a Monday? The beginning of a new decade, year, month and week? Holy shit. I’d be all over that! In our house, the remnants of Christmas are gone by the new year, so it’s a great time for reflection and goal-setting if that’s your thing. I mean, could you have a fresh start on a Thursday afternoon in the middle of May? Absolutely. But there’s something so clean and new about January 1st and joining in with thinking about your aspirations for the new year, while lots of other people do it too. It can be very inspiring.

Is the ‘new year, new you’ concept outdated?

The phrase ‘new year, new you’ is one that’s berated across social media at the beginning of every year, with the counter-argument that ‘what you are, is enough’; and yes, you are. You don’t have to change for anybody. However if there are changes you want to make, goals you want to set or parts of your life you want to focus on, then do it! We shouldn’t be belittling people because they want to lose a few pounds so they can run around the park with their children for a little longer, eat less processed food or set a savings goal.

It should be a ‘no pressure’ time of year; you’re still the same you that you were yesterday. You can carry on what you’re doing or if there’s something new you want to focus on or something you want to change, you should be able to find support from your peers.

Can you imagine if we never changed or evolved? It would be boring, not to mention weird.

2020: Continuing to do my best for my favourite little people!

My 2020

I’m still not sure of my exact goals for the year. My resolutions over previous years have always been measurable; take a photo a day; write a blog post two times a week; lose X amount of pounds. For a perfectionist like me, if I’d taken a photo every day apart from one, I’d feel like I’d failed, so I’ve come to realise that specific goals like that don’t work for me. I think this year, I’m just going to focus on certain topics or aspects of my life and put my energy into those to give me direction; perhaps career and friendships, while still trying to be a great mum to my little people (the eternal struggle!)

Do you have any goals for the next year?

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