I’m that person who loves a fresh start, so I’m all over new beginnings like a rash. I’m a walking cliche; whether it’s a new page in a notebook, a new diary or even a new week there’s something so refreshing about it. Ordinarily, I’m a creature of habit and don’t always love change, but that feeling of wiping the metaphorical plate clean, is one I find quite therapeutic. So, there’s very little I like more than the beginning of a brand new year to inspire and motivate me for the days and projects ahead! Hello 2017.

I’m a bit skeptical about New Years Resolutions, despite being a fan of the whole ‘new year, new leaf’ vibe; I absolutely love the idea of them, but they don’t always work and I think we can set ourselves up to fail and ultimately, feel worse than we did at the beginning of the year. I usually set myself too many goals, or something that’s just not within my reach. In previous years, they have always been measured in some way; do this for X amount of time, lose X amount of pounds, do this or that every day— but I’m a perfectionist, so if I miss a day or don’t reach a certain goal in time, then it’s game over for me and I wait until the next month or even year, rather than dusting myself off and trying again straight away.

That said, the start of a brand new year wouldn’t be right without some kind of resolution or goal for the next 365 days; but my approach this year is a little broader. They’re more ‘points to keep in mind’:

Be nicer to myself. As I approach thirty, I think it’s probably about time I start thinking a bit more about what I put into my body. I’m not saying I’m going to be clean-eating, or never eating carbs again, but I just need to make better decisions about the food I eat and my lifestyle. There are little daily beauty-related tasks that I’m pretty lazy with too, like painting my nails or getting my eyebrows threaded, or even, shock horror, not removing my make-up before I go to bed. Guilty. They’re all little things, but things that make me feel better nonetheless.

Be wiser with my time. I’ve always been a homebody and I always will be; I love spending time at home pottering about, or curling up on the sofa with B watching a Disney movie. But this year I want to make more of an effort to get out and about with him. I started working full-time in September at the same time as B starting school, so it’s made me realise how precious our spare time together is. I don’t want to burn myself out, but I know when we do go on little mini-adventures he really loves and appreciates it, and there’s nothing better than seeing him happy.

Be creative. I vow to pick my camera up more this year. For the first few years of B’s life I have probably thousands of photos, but it’s just not something I do so much anymore and I’ve really missed photography and photo-editing. I want to take more pictures of anything and everything, not just documenting our family life. I still have that dream of giving up the day job and going self-employed with it one day.

I’ve really missed blogging too. I stopped for a long time, because my MacBook broke and then it just kind of fell off of my radar. I, like most people, check social media daily, but you’d never know because when you look back, my own posts are so sporadic and few and far between. When I was blogging I fell into a trap of shoddy sponsored posts and creating content I didn’t love. In my bid to start a fresh, I’ve deleted all my previous posts from the last 5 years or so. Out with the old and in with the new!

Let go. Over the last year or two, I’ve realised that it’s so true about your friendship circle getting smaller as you get older. Sometimes I dwell on those friendships that used to mean so much, or those people that were around for the big milestones of my life but are no longer a part of it, but I’ve come to realise that sometimes these things just fizzle out and that’s okay. We all grow older and grow apart, and become part of something new. There are no bad feelings, it’s just part and parcel of life!


I hope you all had a lovely new year however you decided to celebrate— or not celebrate, if you’re anything like us and went to bed at 10:30pm with a belly full of Sushi!

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2017.

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